About us

What is MyMadWeb?

MyMadWeb is a brand name of the web design, development and maintenance services managed by a web expert Miroslav Voronecki. Based in Montreal, Canada, he dedicates himself to producing web projects (websites, online shops, landing pages, etc.) for clients who value quality and want a professional, creative and a well-selling online presence.

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Why Mad?

Mad (adjective) – means very excited, fantastic. We are mad about the web and we want you to share in our passion and have your very own madly good website!

Who's behind?

All MyMadWeb services are provided by experienced web designer and developer Miroslav Voronecki and his trusted professionals' network.
He comes originally from Lithuania, although has had his education and professional experience obtained in various countries, including Spain, Malaysia, Norway, The Philippines and, of course, Canada. You can communicate with Miroslav in English, Spanish and Lithuanian.

Miroslav is a graduate of Creative Industries and Media Projects and besides web design and web development he has a background in media and IT project management, marketing and video production.

He is more than happy to build you a madly good website!

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