Extra services for your website

At MyMadWeb we utilise a large network of trusted professionals who can provide you with everything you will need for your new website. Here are some of the featured services you might be interested in:


When you create a new business, usually you will need someone to write a professional and easy-to-read text for your website. All you'll have to do is provide topics including any relevant information and our associate partners (who are experienced in copywriting and written journalism) will take care of preparing the content for your website and associated blog.

Translation and localisation

If your target market speaks more than one language, you will most likely want to have a multilingual website. We cooperate with a network of qualified translators who can turn your web content into French, English, Spanish or any other desired language. In addition, localisation specialists can even adapt the content of your website to your market country.

Logo design

Get a powerful brand!

If you start a business or rebrand an existing one, you will definitely need a powerful logo to represent your brand. MyMadWeb partners with talented logo designers whose works define many successful companies.

Any graphic design

When you choose MyMadWeb to buid you a website, most likely we will be able to design it internally. Nevertheless, sometimes you might need something specific such as hand drawn images, custom and complex illustrations or animations. We'll find the right designer for that!


If you have a text for your website, but you're not sure it's 100% correct - here comes proofreading. We know experts who can proofread your text either in English, French or Spanish. Not one of your languages? Don't worry, we will find the right professional to deal with it.


MyMadWeb can take care of hosting your site, so that you don’t need to worry about all the technical hassle. We'll place your website on a fast and reliable server, setup your emails, take care of regular backups and bill you only once per year!

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